Behind the Scenes

” I am attracted to simple things most people overlook.”

Simply put, I am Callie Jensen. More in depth, I am one of those average 21 year olds trying to find my place in the world. Although average is a poor description word, no one wants to be average. Better yet, I am an outrageous, outspoken, driven, 21 year old. Everyone is so busy living life, trust me there are days I feel like I don’t have time to breathe , but I am trying to remember it’s the little things in life that make it the most memorable. I want nothing more in life than to be happy, I think I’m doing a pretty great job at that. It’s the simple things everyday that make me smile, from a good hair day, the right color nail polish, the sun shining through the darkest cloud, and when your sitting in the passenger seat rocking out to your favorite song. It doesn’t always need to be the trip to Paris, or winning big on a lottery ticket, sure those things are terrific but how often does it happen? So I write this to remind myself and everyone else that it’s always the little things in life. Sure it’ll be filled with inspirational quotes, fitness ideas, family, and trust me lots of fashion, but like I said it’s the little things, and these are my little things.

Fascinations: life, love, fashion, my cats and dogs, small adventures, surfing Pinterest until the wee hours

Passions: family, love of my life, success




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