It’s the little things



One of of my favorite quotes. Life is hectic, but we need to remember to step back and appreciate the little stuff in life. The way we see things, is the way people see us.  If we start to see happiness in the smallest of things, the more peaceful we will feel overall. I woke up today and it was one of those cold overcast mornings. I go outside to put a letter in the mail and a cold gust of wind blows, I slip, and yes you know the rest. I probably should have worn better shoes for an Icey driveway, you are correct. But as I’m sitting on my butt on the cold ground, I look up and there’s a bright spot of sun shining over my house almost as if the sky was laughing at me. This made me laugh. My point is, I could have used this as why me, but instead I laughed it off and went on with my day. It’s the simplest of things in life.


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